Anh Nguyen

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Anh Nguyen

High School Attended

Cerdon College


- 2018 Cerdon College Dux

- 2018 HSC Outstanding Achievement

- 2018 Paul Dolan All Round Achiever

- 2017 Prefect

- 2017 Social Justice Member

- 2016 Vice Captain



What do you do at SSEDU?

Anh is an outstanding academic member of the local community and is one of our proud English tutors. With a history of always lending a helping hand, Anh has motivated those around her to achieve excellence.

If you ask her about Friends or The Office, you'd better buckle down and grab some refreshments. Her literary knowledge covers all genres and text types! 

I teach English

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Content, caring and calm

Why did you decide to join SSEDU?

Help others gain the confidence to do their best in HSC English. The opportunity to explore English further and guide students to success is something I couldn't pass.

Who is someone famous you'd love to chat to?

Viktor Frankl or Elon Musk

Name one thing you can't live without?

My family.

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