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Academic success comes by taking steps forward, whether big or small. No matter how ambitious the challenge our tutors will be with you every step of the way.

What Stepping Stones Education Offers

Small Classes

With small classes, we cater and focus on you. 



Interactive Teaching

We understand that effective teaching is far more than lecturing. We discuss and ensure you understand the subject at hand.

Digital Resources

We make our processes more streamlined and efficient with going paperless with our resources. Have resources 24/7. Anytime. Anywhere.


Personalized Feedback

Have high quality, personalised feedback from our tutors. We are dedicated to ensuring you improve to the best of your ability. We do this with our weekly homework and monthly homework

Communication Channels

We actively listen and encourage communication. We give you the security of what to learn next but you will always be able to contribute to this.


Exam Ready

We aim to prepare you for your next exams, so you can achieve the results you need.


⊾ Mathematics Tutoring

Our specialist range of Mathematics courses are designed by high achievers for students of all levels. Engage in weekly classes, homework and more to take the steps towards mastering mathematics.

✎ English Tutoring

Our English courses are tailored to a student’s ability and year level. Students  are  exposed to novels, film, comprehension extracts and more. We encourage writing and exam mastery in every lesson completed.

∑ Physics Tutoring

From Preliminary to HSC, our Physics tutoring course takes students through all theory and practice questions needed to master modules 1 – 8. Students will engage in weekly classes which are guided by our Band 6 tutoring team.

Ω Chemistry Tutoring

From Preliminary to HSC, our Chemistry tutoring course takes students through all theory and practice questions needed to master modules 1 – 8. Students will engage in weekly classes which are guided by our Band 6 tutoring team.

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日本 Japanese Language Course

Our Japanese language courses are designed to promote fluency in speaking and conversational competency. Our small classes are designed to provide you the oral and listening practice skills to fast-track your mastery of a new language.

We're a registered Creative Kid's Provider for Japanese!

Visit our NEW Japanese course page for more information. Claim your $100 voucher today!

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