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Here are our answers to the most asked time management questions we get about the HSC

The HSC is a challenging year for most students as the results you will get will more or less determine the university you’ll get into! We want to take some pressure off you by giving you the answers to the most asked time management questions that students ask us either in person or through our Facebook page in this week’s blog post.

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How often should I be studying for the HSC?

There is no straight answer for this question. Of course, it’s important to dedicate most of your time and effort into a study routine that will set you up for the HSC. However, don’t be afraid to schedule in breaks and to try to at least do some physical activity once in a while.

It’s all about time management, and the best way to start a productive study routine is to first list out what is up and coming and to plan backwards from that date to ensure you cover the material you need in order to perform at your best. Personally, I use excel for this, but Google Calendar, a physical diary, or your phone memo app works too. This is all so you can find the most efficient amount of time to spend on your studies.


When should I start studying for the HSC?

Now. Every moment you can afford to spend in preparing yourself for the assessments leading up to the HSC, the trials, and the HSC examination itself will pay off. It’s all about consistency and discipline, every little bit pays off.

However, remember also to schedule time to rest and recoup as shown in the previous question. It also helps to ask some of your teachers and tutors about what topic areas you can begin to focus on to get the help you get started on the right track.


Should I work during the HSC?

This is a pretty sensitive topic but generally, my advice is that if you can manage to balance your study, your work, and your health (which includes getting enough sleep) then sure go for it.

However, when deciding if you should work during the HSC consider also the amount of stress and extra mental pressure it puts on you on top of the study hours required of you. This is about knowing your limits as an individual and pacing yourself so you can be at your most optimal throughout the year. Don’t burn out!


What is the quadratic equation?

Disclaimer: No one actually asked this, but I just had to share this video.

When is the best time of the day to study?

The time when you’ll be least likely to be disturbed and distracted! if you’re like me, then that time is somewhere between 8PM and 3AM, but for you, it will be different. Look at your schedule and find times where you can slot away for some uninterrupted study.

Hope you enjoyed our responses to the most common questions asked to us by HSC students. Good luck and study hard (and smart) for your upcoming assessments!

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