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Staying motivated is tough! Here are some tips to help you keep moving through the HSC

With the start of term 3 for you year 12’s, it’s easy to become discouraged due to poor results and exam marks and to feel like you aren’t motivated enough to keep on trying your best. If this sounds like you, then this message is for you.

In this week’s post, we go over some basic tips gathered from our team of tutors on how you can keep your spirits up and pace yourself on your journey throughout the HSC.

1. Acknowledge your accomplishments!

It’s often necessary to sit back and think of what you have actually accomplished so far. You will often realise that you have achieved more than you realise!

Take this time to think back to a moment when you did well for yourself whether it be on an assignment or an examination and try to decide what is was that you did that allowed you to achieve the marks you wanted.

We recommend making a list of all the things you’ve done well, haven’t done well, and want to do well going forward. Afterwards, go through each group and acknowledge those things you did do well, find out ways to remedy what you haven’t done well for the future, and plan going forward how you are going to achieve what you want to do well in.

2. Take a nap!

Incorporate power naps into your schedule! It’s pretty simple. First, find a nice quiet place to relax and set an alarm on your phone for 20 minutes (or more, but not for too long!) of much-needed mental rest.

Often when we put ourselves through constant work and stress we find that our minds tend to feel more tired than our bodies. This mental exhaustion can usually be treated by finding time to sleep and close your eyes for short periods throughout the day.

So the next time you’re not feeling as productive or motivated, go take a nap! You’ll find yourself coming back to your studies with greater vigor and determination after relaxing your mind for a bit.

3. Change it up

Don’t be afraid to change small and minor things up once in a while. Go to a different place to study such as the library, drink a different tea than you usually do, or form a regular study group with a couple of friends.

Simply changing up minor things in your routine to break up the monotony of your regular routine can help you push forward through your study plans by keeping your mind more stimulated.

 4. Reevaluate your study schedule

Your lack of drive and confidence may also be due to an outdated study schedule. Straighten back up by reevaluating the work you need to complete and reorganising it into your preferred method of time management.

No plan is ever set in stone, often, in reality, people and even businesses need to constantly reevaluate their plans to better suit their goals based on what has changed thus far. Don’t hesitate to look back on what you’ve scheduled for yourself in the past and to change it constantly to better suit the current factors around you. You aren’t “giving up” on your plan by constantly modifying it, you’re only making it more relevant for yourself so you are more likely to complete it and carry out the work you’ve planned for yourself from the beginning.

We recommend reflecting on your schedule every week or so and to reorganise your timetable where necessary. You’ll find that you’ll go forward into your study with greater purpose and efficiency.