An Interview With George Han-McEvoy

Welcoming Our Newest English Tutor!

We’re pleased to announce our newest member to the Stepping Stones Education team, George Han-McEvoy!

George is a graduate of Sydney Boys High School finishing with an ATAR of 98.20 and achieving 1st in his cohort for English Extension 1 in the process. Currently George is studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Law at the University of New South Wales.


He joins us as an English tutor, bringing his extensive background, knowledge, and skill of HSC English to continue Stepping Stones Education’s tradition of academic growth and excellence for the students here at Stepping Stones.

Time for a quick interview with George!

1. What do you love most about tutoring?

I like being able to give students personalised guidance so that they can unlock their potential and exceed their own expectations so they can stress a lot less about marks than I did. I’ve also really enjoyed the connections I’ve made with students, who even with their busy high school schedules lead exciting lives and have their own philosophies, all of which are very interesting to listen to.


Overcoming challenges




New Perspectives


Seeing success

2. If you could tell your high school self one piece of advice what would it be?

Probably to stress a little bit less about marks and engage with the non-academic side of high school more, and ultimately, to find more things I can enjoy to take part in.

Dolor Amet

3. What do you love about Stepping Stones Education so far?

The staff here at Stepping Stones are all genuinely dedicated to the betterment of students, which has clearly developed a culture of achievement, helpfulness, and a beneficial student-teacher closeness.


The students are also all enthusiastic, unique, fully appreciate the opportunity they have to receive tutoring at Stepping Stones and are very fun to be around. Also, the staff here are all kind, exciting, and all more experienced than I am, so I’m always challenged to do and learn more and to practice what It means to function in a professional work space.

4. Tell us about your responsibilities as a coxwain in a rowing team?

Coxswains have to keep the rowers in the boat motivated and focused during races and training, contribute to group chemistry, commit to the same exercise schedule as rowers, and accurately judge the distance remaining in a race. I was a natural at 0 to 2 of those responsibilities.
— Really great stuff George! We couldn’t be happier to have you on board with us as an English Tutor! Don’t forget you too can join in on George’s SSEDU English classes for a free trial lesson. Get serious about your studies now by letting George guide you to HSC success and beyond every step of the way.


Want to get in touch? Start a Free Lesson with us today!


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