Why You Should Study Japanese


Just from saying hello in another language you are that one step closer to opening yourself up to the world around you! In this article, we want to show you how we see the world of studying languages by giving you an insight into how we teach Japanese!

Japanese At Stepping stones Education

Classes are guided by experience, and adapted to all ages

Learning Japanese is like an otter trying to pry open a clam with his favourite rock. The journey of finding that perfect language to pry open as you float off into the vibrant sea of culture. Finding Japanese has been one of the shiniest clams of my life where I have no regrets committing to.

Learning Japanese does not end with just the language but exposes you to Japanese culture that will eventually translate into your daily lifestyle. I was always a brash and brazen young lad before learning the cultural values and aspects of Japan. Japanese teaches one to be mindful of your speech, what others are thinking, and be constantly thinking of how you can accommodate for others’ wellbeing. I am grateful for my transition to have a mindset where I constantly want to improve myself for others through learning these aspects of Japanese culture.



Whenever anyone asks me ‘’Why Japanese though?”, there really isn’t a perfect response this question. Why study languages? Why study at all? The underlying motivation for me is that I enjoy the never-ending journey of mastering a language and where it will take me. 

I never expected myself to be studying to become a Japanese teacher, never dreamed about it, never even thought about it back then. But when my teacher created a comfortable learning environment teaching me information that I wanted to learn, I want to spread this joy by recreating that safe learning environment for others whilst teaching them about something I passionately love.

Learning a new language will definitely develop you as a person, both in your outlook on life, and also the way you carry yourself in a social setting. Are you scared of being judged as you learn a new language? You will not need to worry about anything of the sort in my classes. Are you more invested in the culture of Japan? We explore and discuss a vast majority of topics that help us understand and respect the culture.

What are your favourite things about Japan?

I have been studying Japanese since Highschool and achieved JLPT N1, the highest level of proficiency in the Japanese Language.

I currently teach Japanese Classes at Stepping Stones Education and I’m completing my University Studies at UNSW to be a certified Japanese Teacher in NSW.

Author - Howard Chen

Japanese Teacher, Stepping Stones Education - Language School

Japanese is a passionate language

The culture, the people, and the language itself are all like cherry blossoms; each beautiful, flowing, and fleeting. Though my views of Japan are very romantic and blur out a lot of things, it is a great way to maintain focus on my decision to study this language.

Travel with purpose

It’s no doubt that you’ve thought about going to Japan one day, maybe for a holiday, celebration or just to be somewhere that everyone has been. By learning Japanese you will be able to understand the amazing country that is Japan. With any language there are many reasons why people learn them, and if travel is on your list, then I can assure you that after going to Japan you’ll still want to continue learning!


Meet like-minded people 

Ranging from the classic anime-manga fans to your hipster J-Music lovers, you are bound to find someone who shares very similar interests to you. Not to mention the exuberantly vibrant culture of Japan that most people are attracted to, the best thing about learning a new language is you will always be able to meet people with similar tastes, and eventually be able to communicate with native speakers.


Stepping Stones Education offers Japanese Classes!

We offer language classes for Japanese Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced for all ages. 

Stepping Stones Education has launched it’s language school in 2020 starting with Japanese and I am extremely proud of the work myself and the wonderful team have put into developing our fun and engaging courses.

If you’ve been thinking about starting Japanese classes to learn the language I can promise that you won’t be disappointed. All our classes (and mine especially) will allow you to explore the wonderful world that is Japan and understand the language just like a local would. 

So if you’re an absolute beginner, or you’ve learnt the language for a while but want to go all the way to being a fluent speaker we’re here to take you every step towards your goal.

How Our Japanese Classes Work



How many years does this course go for?

For the beginners courses, casual learners will have 4 modules (32 weeks) and accelerated learners will have 3 modules (24 weeks)

What usually happens during the lesson?

For the beginners courses, the lesson is split into 3 objectives:

  1. Homework Review – Ask questions
  2. Class content – A focus on grammar, vocabulary or cultural knowledge 
  3. Syllabary – A focus on hiragana, katakana, or kanji 

What are the homework exercises like?

You will get the chance to revise class content and practice challenges where you translate complex Japanese sentences! You may be asked to prepare a speech to present to your peers! 

How will my learning be supported?

You will get class time to go through the homework and ask any questions that you may have!

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