What We Have Learnt About Learning Online

Whether it’s lockdown restrictions or using technology in the classroom, we’ve picked up a few useful tips to navigate online learning! The ways we learn and consume content is changing and there are a lot of things you can do to make the most of it. In this article, we’ll describe some of the best methods our students, tutors and graduates have used to adjust their learning habits.

We believe that learning is all about taking steps in the right direction. If you’ve had a hard time with online learning, or you want to improve your study habits when face-to-face learning restarts, you’re already taking the first and most important step. We’ll give you some more steps to consider below.


Declutter and prioritise!


Building Your Energy Levels

Declutter and take time to think about what you want to do, and start removing things that distract you from your goals. Priotise the things you need to be doing to get to where you want to be.

When you load up your online class, are you tired? Whether your a morning person or a night owl, being ready means preparation. When you learn face-to-face at school, at tutoring or even music or sports practice you need to travel somewhere. In the commute it takes you to get there you’re probably using that time to wake-up and think about whether you’ve got yourself together. Learning is a time when your mind is being introduced to new things. Learning requires you to be ready.

So what are some things you could do to continue this habit? 

1.  If you’re waking up for a morning class, be ready 1 hour before. Plan your sleep schedule so you have time to do your morning routine and properly wake-up physically and mentally for your class.

2. If you’ve got a class midday or in the afternoon/evening that you can’t stay awake for, think about why. Have you been looking after yourself? Eating healthy and exercise helps but its important you talk about it to someone you trust. If a subject is becoming difficult and you’re losing interest, or you’d just rather be somewhere else, take some time to reflect and figure out the issue and start taking steps to work out a solution. Put your mind and face the problem head on and when you’re all out of ideas reach out to someone who can help.

3. Start thinking about your time and how you are spending it. Energy is a resource and as a student you need to consider what you can do to use it when you need it most. If you’re tired from studying late nights, think about what you could do to make the process more efficient so you have time to sleep. Relaxing is a good way to feel energeised, but if you’re relaxing with problems you should be attending to, you’ll likely feel more drained out overall. 

4. Think about your goals and targets. The cliche that hard work pays off is true, but remember, you need to be working towards what you want to be doing. As a student you might not know the answer, but you can definitely start planning some goals. Whether its to finish your homework so you have time to browse the internet, or prepare for your exam so you can achieve high marks, both are goals that will motivate you to complete what you are doing. We recommend reflecting and thinking about what goals you are setting, if you don’t have any academic goals, try fit at least a few in that mean a lot to you and start from there to build this strong habit. 

It might seem unfair to put this pressure on you, but that is one of the many things, and if not the most important thing about being a student.

We know that good educators can do this for you. When a class is fun, you’re more likely to be engaged and stay on-top of your work, because you enjoy what you are doing.

However, when it comes to learning, you won’t be rewarded for waiting for the right environment. You and people around you will get older, and before you know it you have more expectations and responsibilities than you could ever had imagined. Whether you’re in Year 7, or about to sit your HSC in Year 12, the world finds a way to tell you that you are about to take a leap into your next stage of life and you need to learn how to handle it. If you’ve ever been wondering why your parents keep telling you to study, it’s because they know how important it is in order for you to survive in the real world and achieve your dreams and goals.

When we know students aren’t performing well we ask ourselves how can we build routine, efficiency and happiness when it comes to learning? We believe tutoring is about habit building as much as it is about content delivery. Delivering our online classes has been no different to teaching students in person. If we notice that a student is tired, we ask them what time they slept? If a student didn’t do their homework, we ask them did they find it difficult, or did they just not want to do it?

All of this has reminded us that when a student has energy, they have taken time to prepare themselves. We believe that this is one of the best things you can do to improve your learning experience.



Starting Fresh Helps

In preparation for your next term, or next class, bring it back to basics and reflect on what you’re doing. Start with a clean slate and start thinking about what you need to do differently to improve yourself.

Reach Out To Others

Start building up a support network of people you can rely on to help you stay on track. Share your goals and start looking at resources that can help you stay accountable. 

Remind and Reflect

When things are starting to get difficult, start thinking about yourself. There’s no shame in making a mistake or feeling like you’re not progressing. Being a student means you are here to learn, and there are proven methods out there that might work for you to get you back on track. 

Navigating the ‘new’


How To Stay Focused.

Watching movies, browsing facebook or instagram and even reading articles online are all new ways people are consuming content with the help of technology.

Will we ever return to just books, pen and paper? Most likely no.

With online classes being the norm for almost the past two years now, there’s been a lot of developments in the way content is delivered and consumed for all subjects. With how easy it is today to access technology and browse and learn about nearly anything, it is as useful as it is dangerous.

Online learning is convenient, but it can easily become something that works against you. It is important to keep things basic and return to fundamentals, as these things will help you navigate the new.

Commit yourself to your class. Exercising self-control is important and will help you in the long term stay focused and involved in what you are doing. It is easier than ever to simply have your phone open or talk to your friends on social media during lesson time with no one there to stop you. If you are distracted, recognise that there is a problem and start to work out ways to exercise self-control. If your friends message you you can talk to them briefly but then say you’ll continue the conversation after class or school. If you’re reading about something unrelated, write it down somewhere and return to it when you have free time. The truth is, having self-control really means you are able to control yourself, and if you can’t do this, start taking steps to improve it.




If you’re trying, that is already a victory. You might not get it right the first or second or third time, but as long as you keep on working on how you are managing distractions, you will eventually be closer to staying focused and committed to whatever you are doing at that point in time. 

When you have completed what you are supposed to be doing, you will have more free-time to enjoy yourself without stress or pressure.

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