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Welcome to the Stepping Stones Education – Request of Absence Form

At Stepping Stones Education we understand that from time to time you will be unable to attend your scheduled class due to a variety of circumstances that arise in the course of your student life. When a need for absence arises, all that we ask is that; your reason for absence is within the reasons we deem acceptable as per our policy, and that the request for absence is provided to us with sufficient notice as per our policy.

How to notify us of your absence

We’ve gone ahead and created a quick and easy to complete form for you to complete, completion of this form will provide us your request for absence. You are required to complete the form below to request absence from a scheduled class.

What do you need to do to request absence from a scheduled class?

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. We will process your request for absence.
  3. The approval of your request for absence will be sent to the email provided.

IMPORTANT! We expect honesty in your requests for absence.

If there is any doubt about the integrity of your request for absence, a member of staff will investigate that request beyond the standard process. If you are found to have not been truthful in your request for absence your enrolment at Stepping Stones Education will be jeopardised.

As per our enrollment policy, we require 14 working days advanced notice for all absenteeism requests that are not sickness related. All sickness related absenteeism will require a doctors certificate and must be made within 3 working days of the missed lesson.

We will not refund or credit any lesson that does not meet our policy on absenteeism.

Please complete the form below to request absence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Please Read
Why do you have a policy for absenteeism in the first place?

Firstly, we view and understand that absenteeism is inevitable during the course of your student life. We understand that there are circumstances outside your control that inhibit your ability to attend a scheduled class. By putting in place a policy on absenteeism, we are accounting for and recognising that absenteeism does occur and to then provide an accessible process and structure to dealing with absenteeism in a fair and reasonable manner.

Our policy on absenteeism is designed to ensure that:

  • You are willing and committed to the improvement of your academic performance.
  • Students and Tutors are not disrupted by an absence that was not communicated to our centre sufficiently.
  • We are able to maintain a harmonious and communicative student and tutor relationship.
  • We are able to adequately prepare and account for your absence from that scheduled class into the overall picture of your academic development.
  • To provide you a means to communicate your student life with us.

Why do I need to fill out the Absent Request Form?

Communication is a key aspect of a successful tutoring experience. By requesting your absence within the bounds of our policies, you are doing your part to reduce the disruption that may be caused to the tutor and the students at the scheduled class.

How will you communicate with me about my request for absence?

We will provide a response to the email you’ve provided to us.

What do I do if my request for absence is approved?

If your absence is approved, you may safely miss the scheduled lesson. You will be provided the option of receiving a credit or refund for the lesson missed.

What do I do if my request for absence is not approved?

If your absence is not approved, you will be required to attend the scheduled lesson.

What if I’m absent to a scheduled lesson that I did not notify the centre of or get approval from?

As per our policy you will be charged for that lesson as if you’ve attended it for the full duration.

What if I’m sick or are ill?

You must submit an absent request form within three working days of your missed lesson. A medical certificate must also be provided for a valid request.

What if I have an appointment/wedding/school event/etc.?

You must complete the absent request form and seek approval for that absence 14 working days prior from your scheduled class as per our updated 2020 policy.

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