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What is the HSC like in 2020?

With all the major changes to the NSW Higher School Certificate we feel that it is important to discuss what has changed and how we feel this affects you going into the new HSC examinations. Reading this article may give you the ‘2020’ vision you need to understand...

Hang in There! Some Quick Tips to Keep You Motivated!

With the start of term 3 for you year 12’s, it’s easy to become discouraged due to poor results and exam marks and to feel like you aren’t motivated enough to keep on trying your best. If this sounds like you, then this message is for you. In this week’s post, we go...

Time Management Advice For The HSC!

The HSC is a challenging year for most students as the results you will get will more or less determine the university you’ll get into! We want to take some pressure off you by giving you the answers to the most asked time management questions that students ask us...

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