Small Classes - Great Interaction - Personalized Feedback

Effective Lesson Plan - Care & Attention For Each Student


We offer group tutoring in small classes of 6 to 8 students with:

  • dedicated tutors
  • engaging learning environment
  • modern technology
  • direct interaction and feedback from tutor to student

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Overcrowded class? Lack of engagement? 

Hard to obtain attention and feedback from your tutor?

Why are students disengaged in a crowded class?

Here is why: (H.A.R.D)

  • Hard to obtain personalised feedback from the tutor
  • Attention to each student is lost
  • Refusal to participate in class discussions due to boredom and lack of motivation
  • Difficulty in having questions answered and content delivered being irrelevant to student concerns.

At Stepping Stones Education, we understand that students tend to be disengaged and unmotivated in a crowded class. This is why we offer small group tutoring with a maximum amount of 8 students per class to ensure our students get the attention they desire and the questions they concern.

Our tailored in-house lesson plan:

  • not only focuses on getting our students to better understand and prepare for the challenges they will face in High School so they can achieve beyond their expectations
  • but also pay attention to create an environment where our students can be mentored and guided by experienced and professionally trained tutors at their own pace and with personalised feedback received directly from their tutors

Goodbye frustration. Hello confidence.

Tutors at SSEDU would help you reach your academic potential and achieve beyond your expectation.

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