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Welcome to the Stepping Stones Education!

Thank you for choosing to enrol at Stepping Stones Education. Here you will find our online registration form where you will complete the below form so you may begin as a student of Stepping Stones Education.

We will contact you upon completion of the enrolment form to help get you started.

Please follow each section and ensure you complete Parts 1 – 4.

Payment Policy Agreement & Student Behaviour Policy Agreement (must read)


Part 1: Select Subjects For Tutoring (required)

Maths (Years 7 to 10)Maths GeneralMaths (2U)Maths Ext. 1 (3U)Maths Ext. 2 (4U)

English (Years 7 to 10)English StandardEnglish Advanced


Part 2: Student Details

Part 3: Parent/Guardian Details

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Part 4 (FINAL): Confirm Your Enrolment

I am authorised to enrol/consent to the enrolment of the above subjects for tutoring at Stepping Stones Education.

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