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Student Communications Page

Welcome to the Stepping Stones Education – Communications Page

Communication is an integral part of a successful tutoring experience. It allows you as a student to extract the maximum possible value out of the services we provide to you by allowing us to keep up to date with your student life. We’ve invested considerable time and resources in creating a system for communication via our website.

The more you communicate with us, the better we can tailor our tutoring to your needs. When we say we offer a tailored tutoring experience, we mean it. What’s required on your end is the commitment to providing us continuous feedback and events on your student life as frequently as possible inside and outside of the classroom.

The collection of forms on this page will allow for you to communicate to us outside the classroom. Please select the form that is most suitable for you to complete.

IMPORTANT: This page is strictly for current students. Please use this contact form to message us if you are not a student of Stepping Stones.