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Christina Saad – Mathematics Tutor

Meet Christina Saad, a 2014 graduate of Sefton High School with an ATAR of 98.75. She attributes her success in the HSC and in Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 (scoring Band 6’s) to her disciplined approach to study and genuine love of mathematics itself! She now currently studies a Double Bachelor of Law and Commerce at the University of Sydney.

On top of being a nurturing and dedicated mathematics tutor, she is also an integral member of Stepping Stones Education. We couldn’t be prouder to call her one of us!

Time for a quick interview with Christina by me Lisa!


1. What do you love most about tutoring?

When you see more potential in your students then they see themselves. I love working with students to get them to better understand what they are really capable of and to work with them to set the right goals and to put them on a path to achieve them.


2. If you could tell your high school self one piece of advice what would it be?

Don’t quit, don’t give up and aim for the best!

Sometimes it feels like you’re trapped in a box called “high school” but when you finish you’ll realise it was really just a corridor of opening doors to the world outside. It’s true that the harder you work in high school the more doors become available for you to open afterwards, and so forth throughout life.


3. What do you love most about Stepping Stones Education?

It’s like a second home, everyone is really friendly and genuinely cares for the well-being and success of others. I love how much attention we are able to give to the students in accommodating for the unique difficulties they may have in areas concerning their education.


4. One more question! What do you believe is the most important ability or skill that a High School debater should have?

The ability to put on an act to persuade others and voice an opinion on relevant topics in society, whether the opinion is yours and whether or not you agree with the side you are given. To win you must be able to argue your heart out for whatever you are given and make others believe you. It’s about making the most of what you have and being able to go with it.


Thanks for that Christina! Really great to have you answer my questions and to hear your thoughts.

Don’t forget you can join in on Christina’s SSEDU mathematics classes for a free trial lesson. Get serious about your studies now by letting Christina guide you to HSC success and beyond every step of the way.


By Lisa Beaumont

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