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Karuna Darvesh – Mathematics Tutor

Meet Karuna Darvesh, a 2014 graduate of East Hill Girls Technology High School with an ATAR of 98.05 and one extremely talented and dedicated mathematics tutor and team member of Stepping Stones Education.

Here’s a quick interview with Lisa!


1. What do you love most about tutoring?

What I love most about tutoring is how every day is unique in the content to be taught and concepts to be explored. When I was in high school, I remember how satisfying it was when I was finally able to understand difficult concepts. Now, being able to relay those same concepts to students in a clear manner, ensuring that they also understand, is a challenge which I really enjoy. Every day there is something different to teach and different concepts to explore.

Tutoring has helped me determine the different ways of approaching a concept when a certain method is difficult to understand. It allows me to become a bit inventive as I can try to think of more creative ways of explaining those concepts. This really makes the nature of tutoring quite dynamic and as a result I find it very enjoyable.


2. If you could tell your high school self one piece of advice what would it be?

I think one of the main things I look back on and feel that I could have improved would be trying to manage my time more effectively to involve myself in more of the activities which I enjoy. I’ve always loved playing sport, however during my HSC year in particular I did not allocate myself much time to play any team sports and hence kept it to a minimum.

Looking back though I don’t think playing sports would have had too much of an impact on my studies if I had managed my time more effectively. It’s definitely important to keep a balance and is also beneficial mentally. I think this would have been a good thing to continue alongside my classical Indian dancing lessons throughout my senior years.

One thing I learnt is that you always have time for the things you want to do – so don’t let time be an excuse for anything!


3. What do you love most about Stepping Stones Education?

The environment here at Stepping Stones Education is very pleasant and the people are really friendly and driven. Each and every student is valued and we encourage students to really strive to reach their potential.

Being in such an environment with everyone’s support, I find that the students are eager to learn and participate in discussion which makes the lessons very stimulating and interesting.


4. For how long have you taken Indian classical dancing lessons?

I’ve been learning classical Indian dance called Bharatanatyam for 4 years. It is a very technical and traditional dance form which takes many years to execute very well. I’ve grown to really appreciate the art form as it has not only taught me the classical dance style, but also more about the traditional Indian culture through the carefully choreographed dance.


The Stepping Stones team and students couldn’t be happier to have you as part of our growing family!

Don’t forget you too can join in on Karuna’s SSEDU mathematics classes for a free trial lesson. Get serious about your studies now by letting Karuna guide you to HSC success and beyond every step of the way.


By Lisa Beaumont

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