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Learn Japanese Without Studying it for the HSC!

We DO NOT require students study Japanese formally through School or University. 

Looking to Learn Japanese?

Picking up a new language is an exciting experience, and with the right guidance and mentoring you can work towards fluency! Our Stepping Stones Education Language School for Japanese is designed to take students of all levels and abilities. Whether you are looking to learn an extra language or prepare for formal assessments we have you covered.

Our Fairfield Japanese Language School is the first and only in the local area.

Each course is centred on a rigorous system of learning, practice, and mastery of key Japanese concepts and techniques essential for language proficiency – tailored to your skill level, age and learning style.


Weekly Japanese topic mastery worksheets

Personalized classes tailored to your ability


Weekly speaking and conversation practice

Our Japanese Language Courses are eligible for a $100 discount through the Creative Kids Voucher program. If you are a NSW resident, aged between 4.5 to 18 years old and enrolled in school, ask us today on how to claim your voucher.

Course Information

Casual Learners Course

Ages 12 – 17 Recommended

Discover and develop fluency of the Japanese Language, with opportunities to continue further study. Our Casual Learners program for Japanese is designed for students in High school seeking to learn an additional language as an extra-curricular activity. Our focus is on promoting a fun learning environment to encourage long-term learning of the language and develop conversational fluency.

  • Absolute Beginners Introduction to Japanese 1 – 8 Weeks
  • Absolute Beginners Introduction to Japanese 2 – 7 Weeks
  • Module 1 – 7 Weeks
  • Module 2 – 8 Weeks

Accelerated Course

High-school Graduates, University Students and Older

Accelerate your Japanese language ability with our comprehensive Japanese Accelerated courses designed for those looking for a challenge . Every lesson is designed to assist you in mastering your fundamentals, at a pace that ensures you efficiently reach your speaking goals!

  • Introduction to Japanese – 1 Week
  • Dialogue – Introducing Self – 3 Weeks
  • Introduction to Katakana – 1 Week
  • Introduction to Speaking and Writing – 3 Weeks
  • Topic: Time Management – 1 Week
  • Topic: School – 2 Weeks
  • Topic: Animals – 1 Week
  • Topic: Directions and Locations – 1 Week
  • Assessments – 2 Weeks 
  • Plain/Dictionary Form + Basic Grammar structures – 3 Weeks
  • Topic: Part-Time Jobs – 1 Week
  • Topic: Future Aspirations – 1 Week
  • Describing Characters – 1 Week
  • Assessments – 2 Weeks

New Beginner Classes Available!

Stepping Stones Education Japanese Language Beginner courses are OPEN for enrolment

Our Beginner Language Classes are designed for students of all ages looking to pick up a new language as an extra-curricular skill. Our teaching team assumes no prior knowledge of the Japanese Language and by the completion of all three beginner modules (~24 weeks) you will have developed basic conversational speaking skills. From here you will have the option of continuing to our intermediate courses.

Please fill out the contact form below to find out more!

The following classes are available for enrolment:

Casual Learners Course (Ages 12 - 17) - Beginners

Accelerated Course - Beginners

Our Japanese Teaching Team

Howard Chen

Howard is currently in his final year of study completing his Bachelor of Education Majoring in Japanese at the University of New South Wales. Having completed professional Japanese and soon to achieve N1 certification for Japanese, Howard is soon to be a qualified Japanese teacher. Howard believes that learning a new language should be a safe environment where all students are encouraged to practice speaking as often as possible while embracing its culture. 


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