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Who We Are

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As Stepping Stones’ tutors, we know personally what it takes to succeed in the HSC and the challenges you will encounter on your journey through High School and beyond.

As tutors, we’re here to help you reach your academic potential and then push further. With our guidance, you’ll learn, practice, and master the theories and techniques that have allowed us to perform above the competition.

Academic Designers

As academic resource developers, we design, create and track your academic performance to ensure your needs are always being met by us, the tutors, and the Stepping Stones team.

Go beyond your cohort.

Each lesson at Stepping Stones Education has been meticulously thought out and prepared with the essential worksheets and materials to get you prepared ahead of the pack.


Join the winning side. At Stepping Stones, we believe that High School and the journey towards the HSC is not a solitary one. With the guidance of your tutor, you’ll collaborate and work as a team of students to push each other to achieve more, together.

Be part of classes that give the attention back to you. Classes are structured so that tutors are always able to spend time with you in going through your queries, questions, and answers in ensuring you and your peers are on the right track.

What Defines Our Team

Integrity, intellect, and energy are the qualities that define our team. As partners in your academic journey, you can count on us to always be actively serving and guiding you towards growth and academic success. What matters the most to us above all else, is that you improve.
Our Year 12 2016 graduates from Stepping Stones Education. Featuring Katrina.


We’re obsessed with extracting greater performance out of you. Through sheer obsessive tutor preparation and student care, we provide to you a learning experience that will ensure your improvement throughout high school and love for learning throughout life. We’ve broken tutoring down to its core precepts to ensure our energy is applied and concentrated into what matters the most, getting you to academic success.


Despite our own personal obsession towards tutoring, we know it takes a balanced approach to successfully get a student to academic improvement. We begin with all students from a place of love for learning, and a source of motivation. It’s with this foundation we’ve set our learning upon, that we have been able to guide students to operate at their absolute limits and then, explore the rewards that lay beyond it.
Our Year 8 English class with Jeremy and Jessica. Jessica achieved excellent results in English as she shows here in her English tutoring class.
Our Year 12 2016 graduates from Stepping Stones Education. Featuring Katrina.


Tutoring is a two-way relationship. You will find that no lesson or course material delivered and conducted in our classes without rigorously questioning of its relevance to you as the student. There are no pre-made booklets here at Stepping Stones Education, no scripts, and no preset courses unchanged for decades on end. Your experience as a student here will reflect one that values relevance and true effectiveness above all else. We achieve this through open and honest communication, listening, and observing.

Head Tutor – Martin S Phabmixay

 The Head Tutor role at Stepping Stones Education is integral to the success of all students that graduate with us. The primary objective of the Head Tutor is to ensure every individual student is properly cared for by their tutors academically.

The key to academic success in High School and the HSC is the constant monitoring of progress, whereby the Head Tutor takes this responsibility by ensuring all students are operating at their maximum potential. The Head Tutor maintains contact between the student, tutor, and the parent to ensure on a weekly basis that progress is being made in terms of homework completion, assessment preparation and understanding and grasp of academic content.

Martin S Phabmixay, founder, and CEO of Stepping Stones Education, currently holds the role of Head Tutor at Stepping Stones Education. Martin has graduated with an ATAR of 98.85 in 2013 from The King’s School Parramatta and is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) at the University of Sydney.


“It is without hesitation that I would recommend Martin as a tutor and commend Stepping Stones Education as a true ‘stepping stone’ to success for all varieties of individuals. The quality and applicable level of tuition he is able to provide would be rarely matched by others.” Trevor Gary Wykes

Assistant Head of Mathematics, The King's School

Read his recommendation.

Check out The King’s School’s Assistant Head of Mathematics’ full recommendation of Martin S Phabmixay and Stepping Stone Education at our about us page.

What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

“If you want tutoring, as well as guidance, this is the place. My tutor, Martin, a graduate of King’s, presents me with worksheets, advice, and detailed marking on a weekly basis. Not only has this helped my marks rise (by over 30%), but my overall organisation has sky-rocketed. Don’t wait till year 12 to join, join as soon as you can to be sure to build healthy habits and create a clear pathway for your HSC.” T. Dhodi

“Stepping Stones Education has helped me a lot to improve my math. This is my first time attending tutoring and so far it has been a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. My tutor is very thorough and provides me with a lot of feedback. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for a good tutor to enroll straight away.” P. Sugorat

“Very well mannered, dressed and hardworking tutors who will go the extra mile for you to get that extra mark. The learning environment is a band 6. The tutors have helped me on not only just one subject but the whole HSC course, giving tips and guidance on not only the subjects they teach but in life aswell.” J. Gorbdhum

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