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Our campus at Fairfield is a place designed for your comfort and effective study. It facilitates a calm, relaxed study environment with comfort. It is a place specifically designed for effective communication, sharing and productivity.

Each classroom comes furnished with access to a projector and internet to allow for creative learning experiences that go beyond the whiteboard. Students also have the opportunity to use our classrooms which are not in session for private study.

With COVID restrictions we are regularly cleaning the centre and wiping down surfaces daily. We enforce strict social distancing rules and hygiene practices. 


Fairfield Station

We’re a 10 minute walk from Fairfield Station. If you’re choosing to take public transport to class, we’ve got you covered with our convenient location!

Fairfield Forum Shopping Centre

We’re 1 minute from Fairfield’s main shopping complex. Find parking here or even grab a bite while you wait for class!

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