Providing students the academic support they require to achieve success through an interconnected learning system which prioritises individual student needs.

We also aim to focus on creating an interactive environment for students to engage in.

This way, with professional, qualified tutors, we will improve our student’s marks and academic abilities by perfecting academic content and the methods we use. 

We strive to reach more efficient processes in our systems, from our lesson designs, to marking students’ attendance, to marking our students, to effective communication for all. This way we achieve more transparency and productivity for our efforts.



Since the beginning, we have one mission with SSEDU – to equip students with lifelong skills needed to achieve excellence that will be relevant well after High School is finished.

We’re Stepping Stones Education, a High School tutoring centre that started its humble beginnings in a local Krispy Kreme in Auburn in 2014.

We’ve helped a lot of students since then and have made a lot of great memories along the way.

When Stepping Stones began, it only had me (Martin S Phabmixay), Chris Chiu, and Thomas Sphabmixay, my close friend and brother respectively. Today, Stepping Stones is the home to many talented HSC high achievers, ready to share their expertise as trained tutors and resource developers to a community of eager and growing students.

At Stepping Stones, we believe that true academic success comes from the direct and attentive mentoring and guidance that a tutor can provide to a small team of students, and the hard work and trust that student (such as yourself) is willing to put into those tutors. We believe (and have seen) that an approach such as ours is what was needed to turn those 20% assessment marks into an 80% – 100%!

That’s what matters the most to us, actual improvement.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our story and we look forward to seeing you in class!

Martin S Phabmixay
CEO & Founder

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