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Maximise your academic results through effective tailored tutoring services.

We’re your expert Mathematics, English, and Science High School tutors. We’ve developed a tutoring style and library of resources that will guarantee your academic improvement, provided you are willing to put in the work. Our lessons are designed for you to efficiently achieve success in the NAPLAN and the HSC Examinations.

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Enhance your learning and results with the guidance of Stepping Stones Education’s specialist Mathematics, English, and Science tutors. Begin by choosing your subject from the boxes below to learn more.

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What Our Students Are Saying

“Awesome tutors! Thanks to my tutor Martin who has significantly helped me improve my Math and English marks throughout the HSC. Prior to joining Stepping Stones, I was struggling in math (never managed to get above 75%) and with Martin’s help and support, 1st place and a Band 6 in math was possible! Great learning environment i must say. Thank you so much!

Marsha N.

“Very dedicated and down to earth tutors. They are very approachable and open to all different questions I have. The classes are very organised and the homework is challenging and manageable.”

Rachel P.

“Stepping Stones saved me with my English marks (improved from an estimated low Band 5 to a Band 6 external) within a short period of time. They provided plenty of guidance, extra support and good feedback which helped me improve my essays.”

Anh N.

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We believe that academic success comes at taking steps forward, whether big or small. Our stepping stones tutoring ensures that all students are wholesomely nurtured and developed in aspects of learning and education, where no matter how ambitious the challenge we will be with you every step of the way.

Proven Results

Since our first class in 2014 we have had the joy of seeing the academic improvement of our students, year after year. We aim for results and we encourage excellence.

Our attention to school exams have allowed our students to prepare well and exceed their potential, term after term.

Wholesome Tutoring

We want to bring back the joy in academics and help all students take an active approach to their own learning, for their own benefit. We encourage good study habits and a motivation for success.

All Stepping Stones Education students are able to smoothly transition into University and beyond with our guidance.

Qualified Tutors

With a strong academic foundation, we also ensure that our tutors are exemplars in their approach to education, teaching and learning. In our selection process, Founder Martin S Phabmixay has described the key quality of a stepping stones tutor to be “honest teaching”:

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Homework Help Nights

Come down to our Homework Help Nights every Tuesday from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM. No booking required! Located at our Fairfield tutoring centre.

Every Tuesday night our talented team of tutors offers their knowledge and skills to all High school students in helping them complete their schooling work!