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Do you need assistance with Physics?

We know physics can be frustrating at times, but with the right guidance and mentoring, you can be one of the best. We offer courses with the sole purpose of your improvement.

Each course is centred on a rigorous system of learning, practice, and mastery of key physics concepts and techniques essential for HSC success – tailored to your skill level, syllabus, and school year.


Weekly Physics module mastery worksheets

Personalized classes tailored to your ability


Ongoing feedback on homework and working out

how each Physics lesson is structured

1. Interactive teaching session

Exams are conquered in the classroom.

Our experienced Physics tutors will introduce the new topic with hand selected example questions. Your notes taken in class are designed to be used for exam revision later on.

2. Weekly Homework and Feedback

Practice the essential.

Apply exam-ready methods and techniques in the homework we assign you every week. Our questions mirror what is taught in class to ensure productivity in homework completion.

3. Understand Your Progress

Fine tune your maths technique.

Your Physics tutor will provide the essential marking, corrections, and recommendations for improvement in your completed work. Report cards are sent to parents every 4 weeks!

Course Information

With Stepping Stones’ small classes I have been effectively taught by their dedicated tutors who take their time and effort for you to thoroughly understand the content. My improvement in physics have been evident within my exam marks throughout the year as I have been assisted with the subject. The classes are neatly structured and they provide a great learning environment.

Alena Quach

Preliminary Physics

Preliminary Physics

Bring your physics understanding up to speed with our comprehensive Preliminary Physics course. Every lesson is designed to assist you in mastering your fundamentals, all topics we cover are accompanied by detailed theory and worksheets which are all delivered by our Band 6 Tutors.

  • Module 1: Kinematics – 5 Weeks
  • Module 2: Dynamics – 8 Weeks
  • Module 3: Wave and Thermodynamics – 11 Weeks
  • Module 4: Electricity and Magnetism – 6 Weeks

HSC Physics

Take control of your physics journey and prepare yourself for the HSC with our perfected worksheets and lesson materials. With over 6 years of experience, our course has adapted the best questions to the New Syllabus to ensure you have sufficient material to take you to the HSC.

  • Module 5: Advanced Mechanics – 11 Weeks
  • Module 6: Electromagnetism – 10 Weeks
  • Module 7: The Nature of Light – 8 Weeks
  • Module 8: From the Universe to the Atom – 11 Weeks
  • HSC Mastery Course – 8 Weeks

Tuition at SSEDU has improved my understanding of the physics syllabus immensely. As well as, my understanding of good studious habits. The tutors are friendly, relatable and inspirational.

Zackery Bates

HSC Physics

Our Physics Tutor Team

Jennifer Wang

Jennifer graduated from Sydney Girls High School with an ATAR of 98.95 and is currently completing her Bachelor of Engineering at the University of New South Wales. Jennifer currently takes classes for Physics and Mathematics. Jennifer is detailed in her approach to every lesson which allows students to fix their mistakes and showcase their improvement.

Jishnu Thangallu

Jishnu graduated from Hurlstone Agricultural High School and is currently completing his Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Sydney. Jishnu currently takes classes for Mathematics and currently specialises in our Extension courses. Jishnu seeks to bring out the best of learning Mathematics by providing an engaging and challenging atmosphere for his students, every class he aims to present new theorems that expand problem solving techniques to ensure exam success.


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