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Trevor Gary Wykes' Recommendation

Check out Trevor Gary Wykes’ full recommendation of Martin S Phabmixay and Stepping Stone Education at our about us page. Trevor has been a Mathematics Teacher in NSW for 41 years and is the current Assistant Head of Mathematics at The King’s School.

An interview with Martin about Trevor Gary Wykes 

“It is without hesitation that I would recommend Martin as a tutor and commend Stepping Stone education as a true ‘stepping stone’ to success for all varieties of individuals. The quality and applicable level of tuition he is able to provide would be rarely matched by others.” – Trevor Gary Wykes

Upon graduation, Martin both founded Stepping Stones Education, and accepted a role as a CLL Tutor at The King’s School. It was there Martin began working alongside Trevor Wykes as a Mathematics tutor, however, it wasn’t long until Martin began assisting students in other subjects as more and more individuals became aware of Martin’s abilities in helping them achieve better academic results.

This week, Martin and Stepping Stones Education has had the privilege of receiving a recommendation letter from Trevor Wykes, the Assistant Head of Mathematics at The King’s School. This recommendation letter is a culmination of Martin’s achievements and experience as a student, Tutor of The King’s School, and Head Tutor of Stepping Stones Education.

Here is a short interview with Martin about his experience as a Tutor at The King’s School.


1. What was your experience like as a student at The King’s School?


I started at The King’s School in 2007 and graduated in 2013. During that time I definitely believe I matured more as a person and am grateful that it gave me the opportunity to make the friends I am with today.

The school taught me the importance of being a well-rounded individual and thus encouraged me to discover more about myself in all facets of my life including academics, sports, and friendship. It was because of the guidance and influence I received from my peers, mentors, and the community of The King’s School that have made me who I am in this moment.

There is still so much more for me to discover and I am grateful that there is always someone I can come back to at The King’s School for me to gain more insight and seek guidance throughout my life, and that someone to me is Trevor Gary Wykes.


2. What was your relationship like with Mr Wykes?


Early on at The King’s School, I wasn’t the best student, but I wanted to be, and being a top student in mathematics at The King’s School to me generally meant being in Trevor’s class. I made it my goal to improve my academic performance enough so that by Year 11 I would in his class and taught by the man himself.

I was determined to spend countless hours revising and practicing my mathematics, and the CLL Library at The King’s School was where I’d be doing it. It was by my own luck that I discovered that Trevor himself was offering free mathematics tutoring to students at the Library in the afternoons! I definitely took up on that opportunity to get as much assistance and guidance as I could from him, and over time, my marks did improve!

By Year 11 I had made it into Trevor’s class and was studying Extension 1 Mathematics with the intention of going further and picking up Extension 2 in Year 12 as well.

After graduating from The King’s School I was invited back to be a CLL Tutor working along Trevor! I accepted it as I felt it was my responsibility at that point to give back as much as I can to the students of The King’s School, just like Trevor did for me. Since then, I’ve always made it a commitment to attend each and every Homework Help Night at King’s at the CLL every Thursday to do what I can to help other students improve as well, no matter what their goals may be.


3. What do you enjoy most about tutoring at The King’s School?


Definitely the fact that I get to continue being a part of a school that I really enjoyed growing up in and to be able to continue doing what I love, which is tutoring.

I feel there is so much more to learn by being involved at The King’s School and from Trevor himself, so I feel like that it is my duty to continue to attending Homework Help Nights at The King’s School to not only assist other students but to learn more for myself as well.


4. What is the most important thing you’ve learned as a tutor from Mr Wykes at The King’s School?


Trevor taught me the importance of treating a student’s problem as an individual thing that has its own solutions on a case by case basis, despite the similarities one student may have with another. He also taught me the importance of maintaining a positive attitude in the classroom. It’s easy to gain the trust and loyalty of your students when they can see you are able to always keep things in control and in perspective.

There are definitely more things I could discuss and am learning from him still, but those two are the biggest.


Thanks for taking part in the interview Martin!

By Lisa Beaumont

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