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Happy Mothers Day! A Stepping Stones Guide To Mother’s Day

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready for Mother’s Day! Yay! Here are some suggestions from the team at Stepping Stones!

 “Get a high ATAR?” – Martin S Phabmixay

“Ah… some cooking things?” – Karuna Darvesh

“Put a Myers gift card inside that cooking thing” – Karuna’s Year 8 Maths student

“A vacuum cleaner” – Thomas S Phabmixay

“That’s dumb Thomas” – Thomas’ Fiancé

Ok, those were… pretty bad. Here are some of my suggestions that’ll be sure to make your mum happy on her special day.

  • Mums love surprises. Why not wake her up with an incredible breakfast in bed?
  • Create your own Mother’s Day card and personalise it with personal photos!
  • Or simply put together a fun photo album with all your favourite moment spent with your mum.
  • Spend the day with her.
  • Pick some flowers (yes, you can use the ones in your garden)
  • Or simply, let her know you love her.

I hope this list has been helpful in your Mother’s Day gift selection. Don’t spend an unimaginable amount of time worrying about the perfect gift because at the end of the day your mum will be grateful for whatever gift you decide to give her.


Happy Mother’s Day!

By Lisa Beaumont


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